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Pigeon Nets In Bangalore

Pigeon nets are also for most houses and apartments where there might be trouble causing birds and pigeons ruining the peaceful time at the balconies or rooftops, we are one of the largest manufacturers of pigeon nets and we also help install them easily at most of the premises, general problems these birds cause is dirty the premises, also sometimes they might drop their body hair or feathers, which might cause lung diseases or severe nasal infections or even sometimes asthma.

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Bird Spikes In Bangalore

However we are living in the 21st century and took an evolution around the world, certain things can’t be changed. That includes the people love towards the pets which means animals and birds. Those who love the pets they consider them as their family members and do all necessary things such as bathing when it comes to dog and proper caging when it comes to birds. So here we go to another set of people, who don’t prefer the birds. They cannot allow the birds in their living circumstance. It brings numerous problem from the sound to their waste.

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Children Safety Nets In Bangalore

Most of the houses and apartments might have multiple floors. When it comes to cities especially Bangalore, it has more than 90% of the homes are apartments and have more than two stories. There is more than 60 to 70% of families that live in these houses most of them have kids.

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Monkey Safety Nets In Bangalore

People living at hilltops and near forest areas or sometimes even urban people might face issues due to the animals like monkeys, these are basically used for avoiding these troublesome creatures from trespassing into the premises, these nets are very strong and made with the highest quality materials, these animals enter the house sometimes and also might possess threats to life, 


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Coconut Tree Safety Nets In Bangalore

Coconuts trees are important part of the farming and as a crop and in most of the farms and houses people have them, these trees might grow up to 100 feet in height and the coconuts from the tree will need to be harvested regularly, without which they might fall from the tree when ripe. 

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Balcony Safety Nets In Bangalore

Balconies are the best place to get the view of your surroundings and relax after your work. Imagine if you wanted a fresh air or just wanted to watch the scenic beauty of the rain, sunrise, sunset, bird chirping and balconies are the most comfortable to enjoy that and it helps to refresh the mind. 

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Building Safety Nets In Bangalore

Construction of buildings are more common nowadays, we can easily spot several buildings that
are under construction. In these buildings, a lot of people work. The work is hazardous and does
not assure the workers their peace of mind to work freely.

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Duct Area Safety Nets In Bangalore

Pigeons are troublesome birds; they can cause many issues, from dirtying the whole place to making noises and disturbing people. They sometimes build their nests and stay in flocks in the ducts of apartment and houses.

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Staircase Safety Nets In Bangalore

Staircase safety nets are mainly for the kindergarten and  children at home. Staircase prevents the children from falling. We can provide hundred percent care of children all day; there are lots of possibilities for the accident to happen  in schools, kindergarten, and homes. Staircase case safety nets provide the best solution for all sort of problems. Staircase safety nets for children is not only for the children but also for elderly persons. Sometimes  grown people also need more care and attention as children.  So staircase safety nets are essential for the old people and as well as kids.

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Swimming Pool Safety Nets In Bangalore

Most swimming pools are slippery, and some are too deep for kids, so it is highly recommended to install these nets as they have many features, they are safe, and they have a smooth non-abrasive surface, and there are no sharp edges. They also possess a non-skid base which helps prevent slipping while getting into the pool floor.

We at Jeevan enterprises are ideal dealers of swimming pool safety nets in Bangalore. Most of the customers have a swimming pool, and these pools would have different dimensions, we support a wide range of these pools as we have a lot of designs, shapes, and sizes.

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Construction Safety Nets In Bangalore

Are you looking for construction safety nets in Bangalore. Prasanna safety net will do all that for you. Construction of new buildings has become a casual thing nowadays while starting to build these new sites. They will first only create all the floors then later they will move on to the side walls.

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Car Parking Safety Nets In Bangalore

Increasing the usage of an automobile in the day to day life leads to an increase in the people who are all seeking for the parking lot for their respective vehicles. In such a condition, there are a large number of possibilities for the accident happen over the parking lot which leads to the damage. To prevent our vehicle from the damage or the disasters, we need something liable.

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Cricket Practice Nets Bangalore

Prasanna safety nets stand a dominant role in sports netting especially in the game of cricket.
In the 21st century, people become crazy about sports, especially cricket. Love for the cricket net gets fade from the people. Everyone wants to become a pro in the game. To be a good player, you have to practice hard from the beginning. Every player needs to practice whether it’s a small or International match. Cricket net plays a significant role in them, and it’s an essential one. 

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Spots nets In Bangalore

There are lot of different sports that might require the best nets to play it perfectly, most sports like cricket, football, tennis, volleyball and table tennis requires high quality nets to play. A Cricket practice net would have to sustain a ball that is hit by the batsman, it comes at high velocity and the force will be high, consider a football game, most of the goals shot by the players requires

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Premium Quality of Safety nets.

Our Warranty of the material & work gives us ahead in the market.

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All the Safety Nets Material & Stock Available with us

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WHat Our clients say

Prasanna Enterprises were very prompt with doing the site survey, providing quote. They commenced the work as promised. The workmen were prompt and did a very good job of covering the exposed ducts with the nets. The work was completed on time.

I just wanted to convey regards to Prasanna Safety Nets with heartily wishes. Every one of the company are courteous, professional and knowledgeable. You made our family completely comfortable with safety netting provided.

They are doing great job of providing valuable support in maintaining coconut tree and related activities. He had provided a nice cover around the growing coconuts and branches using netting and rope there by ensuring Coconut or branches do not fall. Every body can use his services for tree maintenance.

Prasanna Enterprises were very prompt with doing the site survey, providing quote. They commenced the work as promised. The workmen were prompt and did a very good job of covering the exposed ducts with the nets. The work was completed on time.


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