Balcony Pigeon Nets Installation Price

Birds look for high places to stay for a while, previously there where trees all around, but due to the construction of new buildings every day, these birds sometimes stay and linger around in some high-rise buildings, during the stay they might cause a lot of trouble for the people living inside, from dirtying the place to building a nest, they might take ownership of the property. These are some of the trouble causing incidents that are faced by a lot of people, also, keeping pet birds at balconies may be the ideal solution for most of the people. But due to the openness, there might be wild birds that might attack the pets and cause damage to them. Sometimes, the wild pigeons and birds may also damage crops and plants that are planted in the balcony.

Sometimes wild birds may bring in waste that might have a lot of germs, these things will totally affect the people living inside, especially when it comes to babies and kids, their immunity should be growing rapidly and these sorts of things might totally ruin their health conditions. In order to avoid all these issues, we at Prasanna Enterprises have created a netting solution, which is transparent and these nets do not allow the birds to enter the premises. They do not alter the aesthetics of the house, as it will help preserve the same look even after installing completely. Instead of chasing these birds or killing them, this solution will ideally help maintain the security of the house. Anti-bird safety nets are most wanted due to their application and durability. These nettings are made with brass or stainless-steel hooks, they are of very high quality. They will last longer and all the customers give feedback, which helps us improve a lot and create new solutions with higher quality.

Our installation team will first note down all the details and then give it to our expert manufacturing team, who develops the nets, which are in turn overviewed by industry experts to carefully complete the production process, later the produced nets are then installed with the help of our friendly installation team. We know that every building has different dimensions, so we manufacture based on the dimensions, so that they fit perfectly on to the balconies. We are located in Bangalore and provide all our services

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