Building Covering Pigeon Nets

Construction of buildings are more common nowadays, we can easily spot several buildings that are under construction. In these buildings, a lot of people work. The work is hazardous and does not assure the workers their peace of mind to work freely. They mostly work at higher places, they work in dust, noise and power tools & equipment, these works might be exhaustive and they are under the threat of falling out or being electrocuted. While the electric cables can be fixed easily, the issue of safety is raised, where the places with more than a particular floor should have a proper safety net, according to the government standards. While it is highly necessary that the place should entirely be covered with safety nets to make the workers feel confident, this makes them complete the work sooner.

The concern for safety in a high rise building or apartment is valued more because this isn’t play, the workers must feel safe in order for them to work properly, without proper netting facilities the whole construction cannot be built completely. Most of the incidents nowadays happen in these under construction buildings. We at Prasanna Enterprises, value life more than anything, which made us develop a special net for such places. In these construction sites the nettings should be outside and, on each floor, also on the sides to keep the entire environment safe and prevent falls. These nets are of high quality and our installation team will examine and report to our manufacturer team, who then works on developing products of high quality, these products are then tested for any flaws and are then delivered and installed on the client place. In this case, a construction site requires specialized nettings which must be installed as soon as possible, so it is highly recommended that, before starting the work, these nettings can be installed properly.

Our nets have high strength and can hold adults easily and can be easily installed. These nets can survive through years and does not degrade due to the climatic conditions. While these nets are not just for precaution but it really will be much of a helping hand, when implemented. Our installation team is very friendly and also, they provide several ways of implementing the solutions, which is later selected by the customer. With 10+ years of experience, we have the highest customer feedback, with this feedback we constantly consider the things we missed, and we always deliver the best services to all the customers. We also provide free installation for all customers, as we serve to most parts of Bangalore.

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