Coconut Tree Safety Nets Fixing Near Me in Bangalore

Coconuts trees are important part of the farming and as a crop and in most of the farms and houses people have them, these trees might grow up to 100 feet in height and the coconuts from the tree will need to be harvested regularly, without which they might fall from the tree when ripe. This might not be an issue in farms because the farmers would be careful and they know when to harvest, but when it comes to farms managed by people or the ones present in households, these trees might not always be harvested on time, with day to day work and other activities noting these small things won’t be possible.

These coconuts may fall on people or sometimes they might damage properties such as sunshield on a car or any other property, damage to property or life is a serious issue and needs to be looked into for once. Here at Prasanna Enterprises, we have carefully managed to design nettings specially made for coconut trees. Once installed the nettings will secure the coconuts from falling and save a lot of issues faced by people.

Rather than spending for the damage done, it is better to implement one of the best solutions proposed by us, at a best price in a timely manner. Our installation team will help fit these nets, the nets are made with HDPE Nylon which is of very high quality and also thick and these can hold more than a bunch of coconuts altogether, so that we can easily identify and take the coconuts from the net. After installation it is completely safe to keep your car parked right under.

We produce only the best and high-quality nets, with 10+ years of dedication and experience, we have been able to provide a perfect solution which in turn receives 100% positive feedback from all our customers. HDPE stands for High-density polyethylene which is similar to polythene, and these products are considered Eco-Friendly. The quality of nets that we provide to the consumers are tested for their quality and durability before deploying them, out team of manufacturers and the installation team all work together to derive a solution and later work on delivering the same to the customer and installing it without any hassles. Customer satisfaction is what drives us deliver new products with higher quality every time. So, protect property and life by installing these coconut tree nets from Prasanna Enterprises.

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