Pigeon and Bird Control Spikes

However we are living in the 21st century and took an evolution around the world, certain things can’t be changed. That includes the people love towards the pets which means animals and birds. Those who love the pets they consider them as their family members and do all necessary things such as bathing when it comes to dog and proper caging when it comes to birds. So here we go to another set of people, who don’t prefer the birds. They cannot allow the birds in their living circumstance. It brings numerous problem from the sound to their waste. Even sometimes, bird lovers also can’t tolerate them when it comes with a considerable number. Here the Bird Spikes remain as the solution for all problems.

Prasanna safety nets come up with the different types of birds spikes suited for the different people. Prasanna safety provides the bird spike made of Plastic, Polypropylene, Polymer, PVC, Stainless steel, Steel. Every material has its unique standard in the bird spikes. Even it differs from its size of the needle. And Prasanna bird spikes are well suited for the compound walls, roofs tops, and the Air Conditioner. Our main aim is to prevent the building from the birds, and it’s necessary to say that it kills the bird or it won’t do any harm to the birds. And people around the Bangalore are already using the Prasanna bird spikes in their Home, office, Schools, hospitals.

Prasanna bird spikes also provide the customization based upon their technical specification and the customer requirements. And the Installation process plays a significant role in the bird spikes. Proper installation and the maintenance is needed for the long durability. Our installation examines the location of the experiment. After the proper planning with the customer approval, we follow our installation process. At first, the area will be cleaned and dried and free from bird droppings. Then the base is filled with the silicon gell of about 10mm. It should be thicker, because the edges, spikes installed may uneven. We should fill the hole in the wall before spiking it. Later the first row of the spikes are pasted on the front row of the wall, and we also shouldn’t forget to spike the highest part of the wall. If there is any damage in the spikes, it should be replaced immediately before the birds could move on. These are the basic steps to be followed on the installation process.

Prasanna bird spikes also provide tough UV stabilized poly carbonate bird spikes used to cover the broader surface of the building more effectively. Prasanna Bird Spike in Bangalore provide the finest quality of the Bird Spike service with the cost-effective around the Bangalore, and it also provides other services like Sportsnet, Safetynet, Poolnet, Parking nets around Bangalore with affordable price.

Bird spike is a device used for bird control. Bird control consists of long needle-like structure in the top, which can be attached to the building ledges, roof perimeter, High beams, Air conditioner, Poles to control birds.

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