Pigeon nets are also for most houses and apartments where there might be trouble causing birds and pigeons ruining the peaceful time at the balconies or rooftops, we are one of the largest manufacturers of pigeon nets and we also help install them easily at most of the premises, general problems these birds cause is dirty the premises, also sometimes they might drop their body hair or feathers, which might cause lung diseases or severe nasal infections or even sometimes asthma. It is better to keep these birds away from the balconies and other critical areas of the premises. We make it very easy to install the nets as we have experience in creating nettings to prevent birds and pigeons. These nettings are less visible but is very effective, different types of meshes can be provided based on customer requirement. It will act as a barrier for the birds, some people might also have a garden of their own at the rooftop or balcony and such people certainly don’t want to lose their valuable fruit crops, It also blends with the aesthetics of the building hence giving you the same look and feel as before. Different species of birds can be kept away with the help of our netting services.

We at Prasanna are based in Bangalore having plenty of expertise and experience for more than 10 years and we can easily help fit these nettings to the required location, with the experienced installation team. Most of these nets fit almost everywhere even if there is a requirement at a farm consult with us to get an idea of how we will be able to do it. We manufacture only high quality international standard nettings which help keep them intact for years, even with all the climatic changes, it also helps plants like bushes and vines to grow on the net, which is an added advantage for all these plants. These types of nettings are extremely versatile and reliable for providing safety to all your plants. These nettings cannot be easily damaged by birds or pigeons due to its incredibly higher quality and also has a larger lifespan.

We provide these types of nettings for the best price available in the market, as we want to provide quality products to as many customers as possible. Our installation team is also very friendly and they’ll help fit these nettings without any issues.

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